Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyers

California Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Was your son or daughter a victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or rape while at a California juvenile detention center, juvenile camp or juvenile hall? You and your child may have a strong case against the the juvenile detention center. Their obligation is to protect the juvenile on their watch and they have failed to do this. While no amount of money can give back what was taken from these young men and young woman, they are entitled to financial compensation for what they had to endure. Filing a lawsuit will also help to require these prisons to take required actions so this doesn’t happen again.

You need the best California juvenile hall sexual abuse lawyers at your side. We can help.

  • Our sexual abuse lawyers are among the very best in the country.
  • We will fight to maximize the recovery you get
  • We will get your son or daughter the help they need, as a time they need it most.
  • We don’t charge anything unless we win money for you

How Our California Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Attorneys Can Help

Juvenile detention centers in California have faced accusations for not safeguarding young inmates from sexual abuse for many years. A recent change in California’s law allows victims more time to file lawsuits for sexual abuse, leading to an increase in survivors seeking justice.

If you experienced sexual abuse while in a California juvenile detention facility, camp, or program, you might be able to take legal action and seek compensation due to recent changes in California’s sexual abuse laws.

Our attorneys specialize in sexual abuse lawsuits, and we are ready to help you today. If you have questions about abuse at any youth detention facility in Los Angeles, San Diego, or elsewhere in California, you can contact us 24/7. We offer free, confidential consultations for survivors (and their parents or guardians) all across California.

Sexual Abuse History in California Youth Detention Centers

There have been numerous investigations and high-profile lawsuits documenting sexual abuse of minors in California’s juvenile detention centers. For example:

  • Between December 2022 and June 2023, nearly 600 survivors filed lawsuits for abuse in Los Angeles County’s juvenile facilities. These lawsuits implicate over 200 officers and allege that youth inmates were threatened and bribed into silence, with failures in staff training and abuse investigation.
  • In May 2023, six men sued, claiming sexual abuse by guards in San Diego’s juvenile detention centers, with other staff members ignoring or covering up the assaults. These claims date back to the 1990s.

Similar lawsuits target the Department of Juvenile Justice and various counties in California, focusing on holding them responsible for the widespread abuse and lack of protective measures.

We Are Currently Investigating Sexual Abuse in Several California’s Juvenile Detention Centers

Our attorneys are investiating all juvenile detention centers and programs in California, including those formerly operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice and various county-run programs and facilities.

If you were sexually abused in any juvenile detention center or program in California, you might have a claim. This includes facilities like N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility, Ventura Youth Correctional Facility, and others.

How Long Do I have to File a Juvenile Detention Center Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in California?

The Statute of Limitations (the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit) for sexual abuse lawsuits in California has been extended. Under the CA Child Victims Act:

  • Survivors abused as minors can file claims until age 40.
  • Survivors over 40 can file claims if they discovered psychological injuries from abuse in the past 5 years.

Additionally, for those abused at 18 or older, different time limits apply. For instance, the California Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act allows for claims to be filed during specific windows, depending on the time of the abuse.

How To You Know If You Have a Case

  • Were you were sexually abused by a staff member at a California juvenile detention facility?
  • Did the abuse take place at any juvenile detention facility in California?

If so, yes, you have a case. Our attorneys are supporting survivors in civil actions against juvenile detention center operators for failing to prevent abuse.

These civil cases focus on holding responsible parties liable for damages and are separate from any criminal proceedings. This means you can still have a case even if your abuser is deceased or was never charged.

Possible Damages in Sexual Abuse Claims Survivors can seek financial compensation for

  • Past and future medical and mental health expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost income
  • Other damages

If you’re considering a lawsuit for sexual abuse experienced in a California juvenile detention center, we’re here to help. We offer our services statewide and work on a contingency basis, meaning no cost to you unless we win.

California Detention Centers Where Sexual Abuse May Have Taken Place

If your loved one was sexually assaulted at any of the following camps, please contact us right away.

  • Alameda Alameda Camp Sweeney
  • Alameda Alameda County Juvenile Justice Facility
  • Butte Butte County Probation Camp Program
  • Butte Butte Juvenile Detention
  • Contra Costa Contra Costa Juvenile Hall
  • Contra Costa Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility
  • Contra Costa Youthful Offender Treatment Program
  • Del Norte Del Norte Juvenile Hall
  • El Dorado So Lake Tahoe Juvenile Trtmnt Cntr
  • El Dorado South Tahoe Challenge Camp
  • Fresno Fresno Co. Juvenile Justice Campus
  • Fresno Juvenile Justice Campus Commitment Facility
  • Humboldt Humboldt County Juvenile Hall
  • Humboldt Humboldt Regional Center
  • Imperial Imperial County Juvenile Hall
  • Inyo Inyo County Special Purpose Juvenile Hall
  • Kern Camp Erwin Owen
  • Kern Furlough Trtmnt Rehab Prog
  • Kern James G. Bowles Juvenile Hall
  • Kern Larry J. Rhoades Crossroads Facility
  • Kern Pathways Academy
  • Kings Juvenile Center Camp
  • Kings Kings County Juvenile Center
  • Los Angeles Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall
  • Los Angeles Campus Kilpatrick
  • Los Angeles L. A. Afflerbaugh
  • Los Angeles L. A. Camp Dorothy Kirby
  • Los Angeles L. A. Camp Joseph Scott
  • Los Angeles L. A. Camp Paige
  • Los Angeles L. A. Camp Rockey
  • Los Angeles L.A. Central Juvenile Hall
  • Madera Juvenile Correctional Academy
  • Madera Juvenile Detention Center
  • Marin Marin County Juvenile Hall
  • Mariposa Mariposa Special Purpose JH
  • Mendocino Mendocino County Juvenile Hall
  • Merced Bear Creek Academy Youth Camp
  • Merced Juv. Justice Corr. Complex
  • Monterey Monterey County Juvenile Hall
  • Monterey Monterey County Youth Center
  • Napa Napa County Juvenile Hall
  • Napa New Horizons Academy
  • Orange Orange Co. Youth Guidance Ctr.
  • Orange Orange County Juvenile Hall
  • Orange Youth Leadership Academy
  • Placer Placer Juvenile Detention
  • Riverside Alan M. Crogan Youth Treatment/Educational Center
  • Riverside Alan M. Crogan Youth Treatment/Educational Center-D
  • Riverside Indio Juvenile Hall
  • Riverside Southwest Juvenile Hall
  • Sacramento Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility
  • San Benito San Benito County Juv. Hall
  • San Bernardino Central Valley Juv Det & Assessment Center
  • San Bernardino High Desert JDAC
  • San Diego East Mesa Juvenile Hall
  • San Diego Kearny Mesa Juvenile Hall
  • San Diego Urban Camp
  • San Francisco San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center
  • San Joaquin San Joaquin Juvenile Hall
  • San Joaquin San Joaquin Probation Camp
  • San Luis Obispo Coastal Valley Academy
  • San Luis Obispo SLO County Juvenile Hall
  • San Mateo Margaret J. Kemp Girl’s Camp
  • San Mateo San Mateo County Youth Services Center
  • Santa Barbara Los Prietos Boys Camp
  • Santa Barbara Susan J. Gionfriddo Juvenile Justice Center
  • Santa Clara Santa Clara Juvenile Hall
  • Santa Clara William James Ranch
  • Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Juvenile Hall
  • Shasta Rivers Edge Academy
  • Shasta Shasta County Juv Rehab Facility
  • Solano Solano Challenge Program
  • Solano Solano County Juvenile Hall
  • Sonoma Sonoma County Juvenile Hall
  • Sonoma Sonoma County Probation Camp
  • Stanislaus Juvenile Commitment Facility
  • Stanislaus Stanislaus County JH
  • Tehama Tehama County Juvenile Detention Facility
  • Tulare Tulare Co. Detention Fac. Camp
  • Tulare Tulare Co. Juv. Det. Facility
  • Tulare Tulare County Youth Facility
  • Tuolumne Tuolumne County MLRJDF
  • Ventura VCPAJF Commitment Services
  • Ventura VCPAJF Detention Services
  • Yolo Yolo County Juvenile Hall
  • Yuba Maxine Singer Center Camp
  • Yuba Yuba/Sutter Juvenile Hall