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Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyers

We File Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Lawsuits – Pay $0 Unless We Win Your Case and Recover Financial Compensation

Sexual abuse within juvenile detention centers, juvenile halls and juvenile detention camps has been happening to thousands of young victims. We are currently filing lawsuits against the responsible detention centers – and fighting on behalf of the victims of abuse. Our lawyers are the finest in the country and specialize in sexual abuse lawsuits. Instead of a class action lawsuit where the victims get a small amount of money and the lawyers get most of the fees, we file cases on an individual basis to make sure that victims and their families maximize the compensations they are paid. Call our office today for a free consultation and to find out if you have a case.

Should you file a sexual abuse lawsuit against the juvenile detention center?

In most cases, if your child has been sexually assaulted, abused or raped while in Juvenile Hall, you may be have a case and should consider filing a Juvenile Detention Center sex abuse lawsuit. It’s not until lawsuits are filed and attorneys get involved that most often these facilities actually start to make changes. Our Juvenile Hall sex abuse lawyers fight hard to protect the rights of your son or daughter and make sure they get the justice they deserve.

Understanding Your Rights in a Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Cases

Just because a child is placed in a juvenile detention facility, that doesn’t mean they lose their fundamental rights. They of course have the right to be safe and free from any kind of abuse from prison guards or anyone else that works at that facility. Of course, that means being free of sexual assault and abuse. People that take advantage of their position in the prison should be help completely liable for their actions. They should not be able to hide from the protection of their facility. Young men and young women should never have to worry about sexual abuse while in custody. Being guilty of a crime doesn’t mean they lose their rights as individuals. They also deserve access to medical and mental health treatment in the wake of abuse and they rarely get the help they need while in a facility. They should also be free to report abuse to law enforcement without fear of retribution by the prison facility or those who work at the prison



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How a Juvenile Detention Center Sex Abuse Lawyer Help You

Attorneys handling juvenile hall sex abuse cases can help in many ways, including:

  • Advising you and your child of all the legal options and rights you have.
  • Collect the important evidence needed to help support claims of abuse (before the evidence can be destroyed)
  • Filing lawsuits against the prison facility and managing all aspects of the lawsuit
  • Fight to maximize the settlement you and your family gets from the detention centers and their legal teams.
  • Get excellent mental health and physical health care needed by your son or daughter

You need the very best attorneys fighting at your side. We can help.

What to Do If Your Child is a Victim of Sex Abuse in a Juvenile Hall, Juvenile Detention Center of Juvenile Camp

If your son or daughter is dealing with sexual abuse while in detention, please call us right away. Immediate action is necessary. In situations like these, it’s normal to feel completely helpless since you are unable to protect your child. You need a powerful legal team at your side. Our prison sexual abuse attorneys are ready to help.

Do You Have a Case?

Hundreds of juvenile probation officers have been convicted of crimes for inappropriate conduct. This includes cases of sexual molestation, sexual assault, rape and physical abuse. If this happened to your child, you likely have a case. Contact us right away to get help.

If your son or daughter is dealing with sexual abuse while in detention, please call us right away.

  • What is the Legal Process for Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Cases?
  • These cases are complex, which is why you should never hire any general personal injury attorney (or other type of lawyer) to handle sexual abuse cases. You need a law firm who specializes in sexual abuse cases and has experience handling prison abuse lawsuits. The process may look like this:
  • You have a fee case evaluation with our attorneys to find out if you have a viable case.
  • Once we accept your case, we file a lawsuit as long as it is within the statute of limitations.
  • We start to do research on your case, collecting evidence for you, talking to witnesses, etc.
  • Once we have compiled a strong case, we start having negotiations, seeking a potential settlement.
  • If a fair settlement offer is not provided, we will take the case to trial and seek maximum compensation.
  • The time involved varies greatly. It may be as short as a few months or it can take over a year in some circustances.
  • How Much Are Prison Sex Abuse Lawsuits Worth?
  • This will depend on the circumstances of the case. It may be over $100,000 or it could be a case worth millions of dollars. While no amount of money makes up for what happened to a young girl or young boy, it is important as part of the healing process. It also helps a victim to get the justice they deserve.
  • Laws and Regulations Governing Juvenile Detention Center Sexual Assaults
  • There are multiple laws that cover this topic. Both at the state level and national level.
  • The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was created to eliminate sexual abuse while in prison or a detention center. It obviously has not eliminated sexual abuse, but it exists for a reason.
  • State Child Victims Acts extend statutes of limitations for filing abuse claims, so that victims can still file a claim later in time. With many people suppressing memories or just too wounded to deal with a lawsuit, this is important for allowing victims to file they are are read.
  • Local state laws require reporting requirements and investigations for abuse allegations (although many detention centers still try to hide instances of sexual assault by their employees)/
  • Laws exist for a reason and when prisons fail to protect the youth in their care, we want to make sure we make them pay for the harm they are responsible for.
  • Juvenile Prison Sexual Abuse Lawsuit FAQs
  • What are the legal options for victims of sex abuse in juvenile halls?
  • Victims have the option to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator and the detention center, and in some cases, there may be the possibility of joining class-action lawsuits if there are multiple victims. However, it is usually better to avoid joining a class action and instead file an individual lawsuit, as this will often result in a bigger settlement. Of course, this depends on if you hire the best juvenile detention center sexual assault attorneys to represent you.
  • How do you identify signs of sexual abuse in children within juvenile detention centers?
  • Some warning signs of sexual abuse can include sudden mood swings, changes in behavior, unexplained injuries, or withdrawal from social interactions. It’s not always easy to find out however, as the young adult being detained may be fearful of what may happen if they do say something.
  • What evidence is needed to win a juvenile hall sex abuse lawsuit?
  • Evidence may include video captured on camera, eyewitness testimony, medical reports, personal accounts from the victim, documentation of a history of abuse by staff members, etc. The evidence is not always easy to collect, which is why you need a law firm representing you that has experience with these sexual assault cases.
  • How does the legal process work for sex abuse cases involving juvenile detention facilities?
  • The legal process includes filing a lawsuit, gathering evidence during discovery, negotiation, and possibly a trial if a settlement isn’t reached. While the great majority of all cases like this are settled before ever going to trial, you want to be prepared in case the case does go to trial. This is why you should hire an experienced trial attorney to represent you and your child.
  • Are there any statutes of limitations for filing sex abuse lawsuits against juvenile halls?
  • The statute of limitations varies by state and can be influenced by state laws like the Child Victims Act, which may extend the time limits for filing such lawsuits.
  • How can a lawyer prove negligence or liability in a juvenile hall sex abuse case?
  • Proving negligence or liability in a juvenile hall sex abuse case involves demonstrating that the facility or its staff failed in their duty to provide a safe environment, which led to the occurrence of abuse. Here’s an outline of the key steps and considerations:
  • Establishing a Duty of Care: The first step is to establish that the juvenile hall had a duty of care towards the inmates. This typically involves demonstrating that the facility had a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the juveniles in their custody.
  • Breach of Duty: After establishing a duty of care, it must be shown that the juvenile hall or its employees breached this duty. This could be through direct acts (such as an employee committing abuse) or through negligence (such as failing to properly supervise inmates, inadequate hiring practices, or not providing sufficient training to staff on preventing abuse).
  • Causation: The lawyer must then prove causation — that the breach of duty directly led to the abuse. This involves linking the facility’s negligence or the actions of its employees to the occurrence of the sexual abuse.
  • Evidence Gathering: Collecting and presenting evidence is crucial. This may include:
    • Victim’s testimony.
    • Witness statements from other inmates or staff.
    • Expert testimonies, such as psychologists who can speak to the impact of abuse on the victim.
    • Documentation of abuse reports and how they were handled.
    • Employment records of the accused staff, including their hiring, training, and disciplinary history.
    • CCTV footage, if available.
    • Medical records that document the physical and psychological impact of the abuse.
  • Proving Damages: The lawyer must demonstrate the extent of the damages suffered due to the abuse. This includes physical injuries, psychological trauma, and any other form of damage that the victim has endured, such as loss of quality of life or future earning capacity.
  • Policy and Procedure Analysis: A review of the facility’s policies and procedures regarding inmate safety and abuse prevention. If it’s found that these policies were inadequate or not properly enforced, this can be used to strengthen the case.
  • Historical Complaints and Incidents: Investigating whether there have been previous complaints or incidents of abuse in the facility. A history of similar issues can be used to argue that the facility was aware (or should have been aware) of the risk and failed to take appropriate action.
  • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance: Checking if the juvenile hall was in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations governing juvenile facilities. Non-compliance can be a strong indicator of negligence.

In such cases, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff (the victim). The lawyer representing the victim must compile and present evidence that convinces the court of the facility’s liability. The complexity of these cases often requires a detailed investigation, expert testimonies, and a comprehensive legal strategy.

Who can we help?

  • If your daughter has been sexually abused while in juvenile hall, our attorneys can help.
  • When boys are sexually abused while in juvenile hall, there is grounds for a lawsuit to be filed.
  • When girls are raped while at a juvenile detention center, they need the best lawyers representing them.
  • Was your son raped by a guard or another employee of the prison system? Our attorneys can help.
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